Technology Makes the Difference

Never ask "Where is it" Again

The best technology gives you the information you need quickly & easily but otherwise stays out of your way.

Introducing HS Global's StarPortal™

We've built our business from the ground up with a focus on technology in order to keep our customers informed, streamline processes, and reduce errors & delays.

Accessible from nearly any modern computing device, you can quote, schedule, track, and even pay for transportation and logistics services from your office or on the road. Access to Starportal™ comes standard with all HS Global customer accounts so our clients stay productive and informed.

Shipment tracking powered by:

Quote your Job

Quickly enter your freight specs and we'll generate a quote. Ground, Air, Ocean, domestic or international from the same interface.

Book your Date

Select your origin pickup date and book your transportation. We'll confirm the carrier and origin and destination characteristics.

Ship and Track

Once its on the move continuous updates provide the freight tracking you need.

Invoices and Payments

Detailed invoicing, online payments, and online documents including BOL and POD.

Use nearly any device

Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone - access from any device that's handy.

Less clicks, less work

StarPortal™ is a modern application that reduces the clicks and digging to save you time and frustration.

Intelligent notifications

You don't have to constantly look into our portal for timely information because we update you via email and mobile messages.

Helpful Support

Our Starportal™ may be valuable and reliable but when you need help we'll be there with real people to assist.

Instant Productivity

Jump right in and use HS Global's StarPortal™ customer portal for taking care of your transportation and logistics needs. Our productivity focused interface requires little to no training so you can begin taking care of business instantly.

Modern Integration API

Need to integrate your ERP, logistics, customer service (CRM), accounting, or other applications with your HS Global account data? Our modern, cloud based API gives your tech team or vendor everything they need (or we can do it for you).

Custom Integrations

Our tech team has extensive integration experience and can assist with integrating your HS Global account data with external systems.