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Enhanced Trasportation Solutions

Announcing: Warehouse Expansion Coming Early 2022

Thanks to HS Global customers we"ve outgrown our current warehouse. We"re expanding to a 100,000 square foot modern and efficient facility in early 2022.

HS Global is also expanding it"s services:

  • Warehousing - including large goods
  • Cross Dock
  • Container Storage
  • Kitting
  • Pick and Pack
Find out more from our team:
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Beyond Transportation with HS Global

HS Global delivers much more than just freight transportation services. When you need help with key logistics challenges HS Global can provide enhanced services that solve your biggest headaches.


Partnering with HS Global can eliminate your daily operational headaches and logistics challenges.

Let our experienced team develop a 3PL solution that can eliminate costs, improve efficiencies, and outsource management of your warehousing and transportation activities.

Customs Brokerage.

Moving goods across international borders can create expensive and time consuming problems. Our Customs Brokerage services team specialize in perfecting the duty, tariff, and other paperwork and processes required to get your freight to its destination country on time and without surprises.

Global Freight Forwarding.

When you need experts at moving goods throughout the world.

  • Leverage HS Global's global carrier network
  • Transportation options for land, sea, and air
  • Choose your origin and destination and we'll handle each leg of the transportation
  • End-to-end visibility via customer StarPortal™ application

North American Cross Border Solutions.

The North American borders present some unique challenges and offer significant opportunities to those moving goods into the United States.

Our HS Global logistics team have developed solutions to Reduce cost, eliminate delays, and overcome security problems related to importing goods.

A Logistics Partnership that Grows with You

Partnering with HS Global ensures a long term commitment to grow with your business. Our comprehensive Logistics and Transportation Services and continuous technology enhancements enable ongoing opportunities to streamline and improve your operations.